The Charlotte (NC) Alumni Chapter is located in Kappa Alpha Psi’s Middle Eastern Province. We are proud to have welcomed all of Kappa to the Queen City on two monumental occasions. We hosted the 56th (1970) and 76th (2003) Grand Chapter meetings (national conventions). Our chapter is steeped in “achievement” as men who made great strides for the betterment of themselves and mankind call Charlotte Alumni home.

Our Legacy: A History of Hospitality, a Culture of Excellence. On the 56th Grand Chapter Meeting…

“The meeting was carefully planned, adequately executed, lavishly entertained and successful in almost every respect. [Middle Eastern] Province Polemarch Howard Barnhill and [Charlotte Alumni] Chapter Polemarch William Blakeney were architects of the meeting… Never in the history of the Fraternity had the Laurel Wreath been presented in so splendid a setting…” (A. B. Henderson and Dr. W. Henry “Stud” Greene received the Fraternity’s highest award in Charlotte)

Excerpt from “The Story of Kappa Alpha Psi” (5th ed.), p. 164

The chapter has been a highly recognizable organization in the city since establishment in 1944. This is due in large part to various programs and services we host or actively participate in throughout the greater Charlotte-Mecklenburg metro. We’re dedicated to ensure the chapter remains a strong and viable force locally.

We are proud to serve Charlotte and the surrounding communities by using shared resources of our membership. We support a number of community-based initiatives including St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Kappa League, the Beautillion Millitaire scholarship program, the Salvation Army’s Boys and Girls Club as well as other related initiatives that serve the needs of the greater Charlotte community and surrounding areas.

This website contains historical information regarding our Fraternity and local events being supported or initiated by the local chapter. Again, we welcome you to our website. Continue to visit this website for additional information and future updates.


Fraternal Notes

The Immediate Past Middle Eastern Province Polemarch (regional president), Brother Carlos D. Watson is an active member of our chapter.

Past Middle Eastern Province Polemarch (regional president), Brother Sheldon L. McAlpin is an active member of our chapter.

Middle Eastern Province Board Member, Brother Christopher Wilks is an active member of our chapter.

Middle Eastern Province Historian, Brother Anton Durrah is an active member of our chapter.


Brother Howard Barnhill* (Chapter Invisible) is a Laurel Wreath Laureate.

Brothers Ray Booton* (Chapter Invisible) and Sheldon McAlpin are Elder Watson Diggs Awardees.
Brothers Christopher Wilks (EB), Darius Law (ZΔ) and Kristerpher Smith (HΓ) are Guy Levis Grant Awardees.
Brother Darius Law (ΖΔ) is a Byron K. Armstrong Awardee.