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Friday, October 19, 2018
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Current chapter officers:

Brother Office
Anton L. Durrah
Olanda Carr, Jr. 1st Vice Polemarch
Steven A. Williams Keeper of Records
Justin A. Neal Asst. Keeper of Records
Rodney L. Robinson Keeper of Exchequer
Milton Anderson Asst. Keeper of Exchequer
William A. "Butch" Simmons Board of Directors & Immediate Past Polemarch
Edmumd Walker Board of Directors
Claude Green, Jr. Board of Directors
Andrew Rogers, III Board of Directors
H. Lance Johnson Board of Directors - KFoC President
Brian L. McClammy MTA Chairman
Randy T. Hill Reporter
Donnie R. Garris Chaplain
Avery Wilkerson Strategus
Scottie Harris Lt. Strategus
Anton L. Durrah Historian
D. Sammy Taylor Director of Guide Right