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Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Current chapter officers:

Brother Office
Anton L. DurrahPolemarch / Historian
Olanda Carr, Jr.1st Vice Polemarch
D. Sammy Taylor2nd Vice Polemarch / Guide Right Director
Steven A. WilliamsKeeper of Records
Justin A. NealAsst. Keeper of Records
Rodney L. RobinsonKeeper of Exchequer
Milton AndersonAsst. Keeper of Exchequer
William A. "Butch" SimmonsBoard of Directors & Immediate Past Polemarch
Edmumd WalkerBoard of Directors
Claude Green, Jr.Board of Directors
Andrew Rogers, IIIBoard of Directors
Ryan ColemanBoard of Directors
Ernest JohnsonMTA Chairman
Randy T. Hill, Jr.Reporter / Asst. MTA Chairman
Donnie R. GarrisChaplain
Ryan LutzStrategus
Reginald BlakeneyLt. Strategus
Michael BurksParliamentarian